Reed Diffuser Refill Instructions

To get the best from your Marsden & Whittle Reed Diffusers, we've designed a handy refill kit for when your diffuser is empty. Each kit comes with 100ml of fragrance oil, four replacement fibre reeds and a funnel.

Please follow the steps below to get the best from your refill experience.

Before you start:

  • wear protective gloves as you'll be handling used reeds
  • find a clear flat surface and lay down a protective covering, e.g. a thick towel
  • place your reed diffuser onto the protective covering
  • have some kitchen paper towel to hand

Refilling your diffuser:

  • carefully remove used reeds and wrap in kitchen paper towel - be careful to ensure that any fragrance oil does not drip
  • discard used reeds into the household waste
  • place funnel into the reed diffuser bottle opening (no need to remove the cap)
  • Carefully open the cap on the refill bottle
  • Slowly and carefully pour the refill fragrance oil into the funnel opening
  • Replace cap on refill bottle and place bottle and funnel into recycling container
  • Insert 4 replacement fibre reeds into the opening of your diffuser