Our Story

We are Matt and Scott, the home-scenting duo behind Marsden & Whittle.

Scott and Matt standing outside a wooden chalet with the Marsden & Whittle stall in the background.

In 2021 we founded an independent home fragrance house, specialising in a range of high quality reed diffusers, room mists and scented candles. You may have seen us at your local artisan market or at an agricultural show across the North West of England - we exhibit at a range of events throughout the year. 

At events we are often asked "who is the Marsden, and who is the Whittle?" - and the answer is a mix of "both and neither"...

That's because our brand takes it's name from two very special people - Matt's grandparents - Maurice Marsden & Priscilla Whittle. Maurice and Priscilla lived in Manchester, UK and enjoyed many happy years together.  

Maurice Marsden and Priscilla Whittle on Blackpool beach

Maurice Marsden & Priscilla Whittle enjoying a day on Blackpool Beach, circa 1950.

Our range of expertly blended home fragrances take inspiration from the lives and passions of Maurice and Priscilla.

Our Cuban Tobacco & Oak fragrance embodies the familiar scent of Maurice, as described by Matt's Mum, Kath. Maurice was in the RAF and in later years worked as a chauffeur. 

Priscilla was happiest when surrounded by beautiful gardens. Our Peony & Blush Suede fragrance showcases warm and delicate florals to celebrate the beauty of mother nature.



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