Our Diffusers

Every one of our reed diffusers is lovingly hand made in our Cheshire-based scent studio. 


What makes a great diffuser

If you’ve used a reed diffuser previously it’s possible that you’ve not had the best experience. We often hear about two common problems with reed diffusers. Let’s look at each of those in more detail to understand what causes these issues…

“The smell was great but the bottle was empty after just a couple of weeks”

If your diffuser bottle runs out rather quickly this can be a sign that the scent has either a water or a perfumer’s alcohol base. Perfumer’s alcohol and water can evaporate much more quickly than other liquids which might be why your diffuser didn’t last very long. 

“I find myself having to turn the reeds every day or so to get any fragrance in my room”

The type of reeds used in a diffuser can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your diffuser. If you have found yourself having to flip the reeds in your diffuser this is a sign that the reeds have become blocked - this traditionally happens with bamboo and rattan reeds. Diffusers rely on capillary action to draw up the fragrance through the reeds so that it can disperse into the air. Bamboo and rattan reeds suffer from natural imperfections which can cause blockages and prevent the oil from travelling up through the reeds.

What makes our diffusers different?

We overcome both of these problems by using an oil base for long-lasting fragrance and fibre reeds for optimal scent diffusion. 

Our diffusers are 100% oil-based. We use a base oil which is made from a renewable source, glycerine. It has a low evaporation rate and excellent fragrance performance.

Our fibre reeds are designed specifically for the purpose of drawing up the oil and dispersing it into the air. Each reed has thousands of tiny capillaries which are evenly distributed throughout the reed. They act more like a sponge, ensuring that the top of the reed is always fragranced. 

What our customers say

We know our diffusers are long lasting and smell great - but don’t just take our word for it. Read through over 300 5-star reviews to see how we are making a difference to people’s homes right across the country. 

“The very best diffusers” - Chris

“Truly gorgeous scents” - Kath

Experience a Marsden & Whittle diffuser for yourself

Ready to experience a Marsden & Whittle reed diffuser in your home? We have 18 beautiful fragrances from you to choose from in our Floral, Fruity, Fresh, Tropical and Smoky collections.